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About Us


All Star Kids Academy is a privately owned and operated child center in Texas. We offer a holistic and comprehensive child care services for your little ones. Every day, we strive to be better at delivering our services, so your child can get a head start in life.

Your child’s betterment is in our best interest. Our staff is friendly, experienced, and highly competent to provide services to our young learners. They were carefully selected for their competency and teaching background. To improve their skills, they are required to attend workshops and seminars because we believe that there is always room for advancement.

We make it a point that parents are involved in their children’s school progress. All Star Kids Academy always updates parents so that they can keep track of their kid’s development. It is important that children feel that their parents are also involved in their performance in school as this will lift their confidence and be better at communicating with people that surround them.

Our center is always kept clean and safe. We have staff that checks and makes sure that our school premises are organized and conducive to learning. All Star Kids Academy guarantees that you won’t regret your decision if you choose to enroll your child with us.

If you are interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 281-558-2379. If you want to see us in person and tour our facilities, you may Set An Appointment now. If you want to register your child in our center, kindly proceed to our Enrollment page.

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